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A Stroll in Barcelona

Feb 13, 2018

  During our investigations into which cities we will launch our next properties, it is not all spreadsheets, graphs, and financial forecasts. Instead, our team covers a lot of hard ......

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4 Reasons Why Women Should Consider Investing

Feb 11, 2018

  Women are a major power in the economy According to UN Women - the UN branch dedicated to women equality around the world - the main difference between men ......

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What to Expect from Investing in 2018

Feb 7, 2018

  As the New Year truly gets underway it is always a good time to look back on the previous year, and sometimes more importantly, to look ahead at the ......

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How Bricksave Allows First Time Investors Access to Exclusive Core Real Estate Investments

Jan 15, 2018

  Core Real Estate investments have outperformed other strategies over the long run, yet they are one of the least accessible real estate investments available today.  Core investments remain highly ......

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Retrospective of our meeting with the World Trade Organisation at the UK Embassy, Buenos Aires

Dec 20, 2017

  On Dec. 14th  2017, Bricksave was invited by the UK Embassy to discuss Economic and Political Insights. Mr. Chris Southworth, UK Secretary General for the World Trade Organization, welcomed ......

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A Christmas Message from our CEO Tom de Lucy

Dec 15, 2017

  In 2017 we have seen the crowdfunding industry go from strength to strength and as a result, passed a number of key milestones associated with the business and our ......

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Invest with Bricksave and pamper yourself this Christmas

Dec 4, 2017

  For many people, investing in secure, high yielding investments is a great way to reward themselves for their hard work and plan for their future. This Christmas, therefore, if you ......

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Give a Gift that Truly Lasts this Christmas

Nov 21, 2017

  Investments have long been considered a unique and thoughtful gift for the more important occasions such as birthdays, weddings and Christmas, preferred because of their long-term nature and ability ......

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Introducing Jorge Castellar - New Head of Sales at Bricksave

Nov 17, 2017

  Bricksave is delighted to announce a new addition to their team. Jorge Castellar has now joined as Head of Sales from the global investment leader Deloway International. For Bricksave, ......

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Meeting with Noel Vaeza - Director of Women Program at United Nations

Nov 9, 2017

  On November 2nd, Bricksave COO, Sofia Gancedo was invited by Alabadas Online to meet Noel Vaeza, Director of Woman Program at United Nations.    It was an honor to ......

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