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Why Real Estate Is A Perfect Investment For Retirement Plans

Feb 15, 2017

  When building a retirement plan, it is often advisable to create a diversified investment portfolio in order to help grow your money. Financial advisers will often recommend stocks and ......

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Leveraging Diversification To Enhance Real Estate Risk-Adjusted Returns

Feb 8, 2017

In a previous article (“How To Diversify Like A Property Expert”) we looked at what diversification is and why it is so important for profitable real estate investment. In this ......

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Why Diversification Is Essential For Making Your Portfolio Profitable

Feb 1, 2017

  Harry Markowitz’s Modern Portfolio Theory suggests that it is possible for investors to create a buffer against risk by investing in multiple different industries or asset classes to ensure ......

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5 Statistics to Consider Before Investing With Bricksave

Jan 24, 2017

  Deciding on where to invest your money is one of the most important parts of the entire investment process. Real estate represents an excellent investment option for 2016 due ......

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Miami: Latin America’s Number One Investment Destination

Jan 18, 2017

  Named by Christie’s as one of the world’s top 3 cities for luxury real estate (along with London and New York), Miami has long been a prime destination for ......

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5 Questions to Miguel: Experienced Investor with Bricksave

Jan 12, 2017

  Q: What attracted you to Bricksave’s platform? A: What attracted me was the focus on secure investments with a long-term investment horizon – that kind of approach is perfect ......

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Where to Invest Your Money in 2017

Jan 6, 2017

  After a somewhat tumultuous year for international politics, 2016 has finally come to a close. The turbulent political landscape has made financial markets cautious and uncertainty seemed to be ......

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5 Questions to João, First Time Investor with Bricksave

Jan 5, 2017

  Q: What attracted you to Bricksave’s platform? A: Mainly the fact that it made investing seem so much more straightforward than I first thought. I used to think that ......

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A Christmas Message from our CEO Tom de Lucy

Dec 20, 2016

2016 has been a great year for both Bricksave and our crowdfunders. We’re so excited about the progress the company has made, the positive feedback from crowdfunders (and now proud ......

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Give The Gift Of A Great Investment This Christmas

Dec 15, 2016

  Investments have long been considered a unique and thoughtful gift for the more important occasions such as birthdays, weddings and Christmas, favoured because of their long-term nature and ability ......

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