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Invest in Luxury Real Estate with Great Returns & No Hassle

With Bricksave you can diversify your savings in stable, luxury real estate properties around the world starting from $2,500 with 9%* returns

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Properties Open for Investment

Apt. 306, The Club at Bay Harbor, Miami

Apt. 306, The Club at Bay Harbor, Miami

Miami, United States of America

Estimated Annual Return* 12.36%

Length of Project 4 years

44% Funded US$ 267,257

Target US$ 612,033

How it Works

Discover and invest in international real estate

Track your investments and watch them mature

Earn monthly rental income & sell your share in 4 years

A New Opportunity with Real Estate

Stable, transparent and secure returns.

Diversifying your portfolio is a key part of being a savvy investor. Real estate is a great way to put your money to work for you.

Smart investors know that investing in real estate has historically outperformed the stock and bond markets. While real estate proves to be a great alternative to traditional stocks and bonds, in the past investing has been difficult at best and impossible at worst (especially for new investors). With Bricksave, as a first-time real estate investor you can now participate in real estate deals across the world for as little as US$2,500.

For experienced investors and family offices it is now possible to participate in real estate investments knowing that the due diligence, legal processes and administrative concerns have all been taken care of by Bricksave. At the same time, investors will have the ability to create an internationally diversified real estate portfolio.

Returns worth talking about

Stocks and bonds may be considered more stable but the returns are significantly less than your estimated returns with Bricksave:

Example Investment

Estimated Rent Per Month

US$ 0

Estimated Rent Over 4 Years

US$ 0

Estimated Return from Sale of Property

US$ 0

Your total estimated return*

US$ 0

Why Invest with Bricksave?

Experts the World Over
Our team's deep background in real estate allows us to find exclusive. luxury properties around the globe

Returns Worth Talking About
Crowdunders receive monthly rental income and average annual returns of 9%*

Grow Your Portfolio
1st-time investors can start with as little as US$2,500 and experienced investors can start slow and then build up their portfolios as they diversify

Hassle Free Real Estate
Bricksave takes care of all the ongoing management of the property so our Crowdfunders don't have anything to worry about

No Worry Investments
Bricksave provides full transparency with no hidden fees, providing our members with a great and secure alternative to traditional investments

Instant Returns
Bricksave secures long term tenants prior to crowdfunding each property, meaning the investors receive returns from day one

Fully Funded Properties

Millecento Apt. 3503, Miami

Millecento Apt. 3503, Miami

Miami, United States of America

Total InvestedUS$ 545,000

Estimated Annual Return*8.23%

See Funded Property
Apt. 402, The Club at Bay Harbor, Miami

Apt. 402, The Club at Bay Harbor, Miami

Miami, United States of America

Total InvestedUS$ 589,998

Estimated Annual Return*12.74%

See Funded Property
Madero Brisas, Buenos Aires

Madero Brisas, Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Total InvestedUS$ 320,000

Estimated Annual Return*8.05%

See Funded Property

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My name is Sofia and I am VP of Sales here at Bricksave. If you have any questions about investing in crowdfunded real estate, please contact me and I’ll be in touch shortly.

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