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Why property?

Historically, property has been a consistent, stable and rewarding investment strategy and property investment has traditionally outperformed the stock and bond markets in the long term. Previously, these attractive investment opportunities were reserved only for professional investors, High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) and institutional investors.

Bricksave are on a mission to change that. By combining state-of-the-art technology with years of professional property expertise; our crowdfunding platform provides access to secure, asset-backed investment opportunities hand-picked from across the globe.

Why crowdfunding?

Whether you are a first-time or experienced investor, you can invest with Bricksave in just a few minutes, starting from as little as $1,000. Investors collectively fund the purchase of a property and returns are generated from rental income. In addition, the value of the property can increase over the investment period, which is also returned to investors once the property is sold.

Investing with Bricksave

Institutional: Bespoke investment opportunities
Accessible: Invest from as little as $1,000
Available: Manage your investments 24/7, wherever you are
Transparent: No hidden fees
“Bricksave is a great way for me to diversify my portfolio so I can own multiple properties all over the world rather than having a lump sum locked into one location.”
Christina - Experienced investor
“I have been an investor with Bricksave for several months now. The website is very clear and allows me to monitor my investments. The advice of Bricksave’s team is excellent showing their professionalism in the investment business.”
Miguel - Experienced investor

We are property people at heart. Behind our state-of-the-art investment platform is a specialist team of real estate professionals searching the globe to identify exclusive investment opportunities. Our expert team undertake a rigorous due diligence process when selecting investment opportunities for you.

We navigate and manage the complex legal and administrative undertakings to create a bespoke selection of properties to choose from. Allowing our investors to curate an internationally diversified real estate portfolio from the palm of their hand with the knowledge that the hard work is already done.

An investment platform built for you

  • Clear portfolio dashboard display
  • Early-access investment opportunities
  • Regular insights, research and trends
  • Property and investment updates
  • Referral reward scheme

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