• What is Real Estate Crowdfunding?

    Real Estate Crowdfunding is the process of multiple investors coming together to buy a property. Investors receive their returns through monthly rental income and movement in house prices. This return is an equivalent percentage of the amount of the property they purchased.

  • What is Bricksave?

    Bricksave is an online real estate crowdfunding platform designed to make investing in luxury properties around the world simple and affordable. Bricksave allows investors to:

    • Browse and review available property investments located in different geographical locations.
    • Complete an investment entirely online including identity verification, signing of legal documentation, provision of details for funds transfer and confirmation of investment and ownership.
    • Access large real estate assets with investments starting from $2,500.
    • Captilise on our partnerships and association with reputable property developers, operators and other institutional associates or partners in order to maximise value for each real estate investment.
    • Capitalise on our Management Teams’ industry experience and extensive contacts in an effort to maximise value for each real estate investment.
    • Be confident that when making an investment they are going through a secure investment process that protects them and their investment. In conjunction with our partners Lemonway, an EU payment institution accredited by the ACPR (French Prudential Supervisory Authority) all funds received are held in a segregated holding (escrow account) until Bricksave notifies the third-party escrow agent that the Property has been fully funded and that we are ready to close the purchase.
  • What are the investment opportunities available on Bricksave?

    Bricksave currently offers real estate investments in curated, pre-selected properties which we have negotiated an option to purchase the property at a pre-agreed price.

  • How are the investments structured?

    Your investment in a property on the platform is made via the purchase of shares in a registered Company that is created for the sole purpose of purchasing the designated property.

    There is a different Project LLC. for each and every property; therefore you will always know that you are investing in the exact property as chosen by you.

  • What proof/confirmation of my investment do I receive from Bricksave?

    Once your funds have been received you will receive an email confirmation and your investment will be added to your online dashboard. This means that your funds are being held in escrow until the funding and the property is closed. Once the property has been closed you will start receiving a return on your investment and this will also show on your dashboard. 

    Within 45 days of the property closing you will receive a digital copy of your share certificate which represents your proportional investment into the property. 

  • How do I earn an income?

    Through the property LLC. you own a portion of the property. Every month, your Bricksave Member’s Account is credited with a share of the dividends proportionally to your ownership of the Company that owns the property.

    Dividends are calculated as the Gross Rent collected from tenants, minus property-related costs (such as management fees, insurance, maintenance and taxes). Under no circumstances will you be required to contribute additional capital.

  • Can I buy the entire property?

    Yes, it is possible to purchase an entire property through the Bricksave website. If you are interested to do this please contact one of our sales team directly on info@bricksave.com or +54 11 5983 9477.

  • When will Dividends be paid?

    Dividends are paid out to crowdfunders at the end of each calendar year from the date that each project is closed.

  • Can I invest the same amount every month?

    It is possible to invest the same amount every month yes. We are working on an automated auto-invest function to allow you to do this but at the moment it will be necessary to speak to one of our sales team to set this up. Please contact info@bricksave.com or +54 11 5983 9477.

  • Who takes care of the letting and management?

    When you buy a share in a property, you never need to worry about letting or management of the property. Bricksave's experienced team of property management agents takes care of this on behalf of the investors.

  • Will I need to put in further capital?

    No, investors will not have to contribute further capital. All costs including bills and fees are funded from the Gross Rent. The risks of most large unexpected costs (such as flood or fire) are mitigated through property insurance.

    Certain other costs, such as roof maintenance, are also forecasted and communicated via our website to investors at the point of investment.  To deal with this we either (i) raise a work provision during initial crowdfunding or (ii) set aside a certain amount of Gross Rent.

    If an unexpected and uninsured cost greater than Gross Rent is incurred, Bricksave reserves the right to take out a loan secured against the property to pay the expense. That loan will then be repaid from Gross Rent and investors’ returns will be impacted accordingly. This situation would be communicated clearly and fairly to all existing and prospective investors.

  • How do I exit my investment?

    Capital appreciation or depreciation is realized when you exit your investment. There are two principle ways to exit:

    1) Offer your investment for sale privately. If you wish to exit your investment then we would ask you to contact Bricksave directly, although we do not guarantee to find a buyer or facilitate your exit from the investment, until the Bricksave secondary market is live, we will try to assist you in this.

    The standard investment exit is;

    2) Exit after four years at market value

    On each fourth anniversary of the completion of the transaction on the platform, Bricksave will put the property on the market for sale under the following conditions:

    (i) The property is inspected and valued by an independent Chartered Surveyor with reference to factors such as recent transactions and the condition of the property, adjusted for any potential liabilities that the LLC may have, such as taxation.

    (ii) Once the property sale has completed investors will receive the dividend relevant to their share in the property.

    Bricksave will administer this process and is obliged to act in the interests of investors to maximise financial return. On successful completion of the sale, all Investors in that property will be exited and net proceeds will be distributed to investors. Note that third party costs, such as legal fees, will reduce the proceeds available for distribution to investors, but Bricksave will not charge any fees or make any profit margin on the third party fees.

    It should be noted that this process will take as long as required and typically the sales process is between 3-4 months. However, there is no guarantee of this as the sale could take longer.

  • How can I monitor my investment?

    As an investor you will have access to a dashboard so that you can monitor your investments. In particular, the dashboard will provide Latest Valuations, Dividends Received, Forecast Dividends, gains / losses on property valuations and Total Returns generated since being a Bricksave user.

  • What payment methods are accepted for funding a property investment?

    Investments in USD can only be accepted via Bank Transfer for compliance reasons. Investments in EUR are accepted via Bank Transfer and Debit/Credit Card.

  • Will I be charged for investing with Bricksave?

    Bricksave does not charge Crowdfunders for investing. However, transactions are subject to bank transfer fees which should be covered by the Crowdfunder. Bricksave will invest only the exact money received.

  • How do I withdraw funds from my Bricksave account?

    It is not possible to make withdrawals from your Bricksave account. Instead the dividends gained are applied to your account, similar to interest in a bank account, and will be paid out at the end of each 12 month period.

    All payments are in the investment currency and your bank will convert the amounts at their specified exchange rate.

    In order to protect your funds, the first time you receive dividends we may verify that the account details entered belong to you. Where possible we will perform this electronically, but we may require further information such as a copy of a recent bank statement.

  • Does Bricksave pay interest on client monies?

    No, Bricksave does not pay interest on client monies (i.e. those funds that are within your account but not invested in Property).

  • How is my money handled?

    Once you have made the bank transfer or credit card payment funds are received by a European Union regulated payments company, Lemonway. Lemonway hold the funds on Bricksave's behalf in an escrow account until the property has been fully funded. Once the property has been fully funded funds are then transferred to the property LLC account so that the purchase of the property can be closed. 


  • What happens if Bricksave ceases to exist or falls into financial distress?

    Each property investment is separately organized from the assets and liabilities of Bricksave, as well as any other property investments on the platform.

    If Bricksave were to fall into financial distress an alternative manager could be appointed to continue management of the assets in accordance with the terms of investment.

    Any funds that are held in your account, but not yet invested in property, are held in a segregated client monies account held by a third party provider in accordance with standard banking compliance, regulatory and security rules.

  • What is the Complaints Procedure?

    We take complaints very seriously. Please send an email to admin@bricksave.com explaining the nature of your complaint and one of our senior management team will contact you directly. Alternatively, you can use the form on our Complaints page.


  • Does Bricksave provide investment advice?

    No. We and our affiliates do not make any recommendations, solicit any offers to buy or sell any securities, or provide any investment advice.

  • Does Bricksave provide any information to its registered users?

    Our support team is dedicated to providing registered users with as much information as possible for their current and potential investments. We provide certain information to our registered users for investments offered on our platform to assist them in making an informed investment decision. We also provide a client dashboard that includes information such as annual and monthly financial reports, project and market updates, videos and photos and relevant legal documents for each investment. If you have any questions feel free to call us on +54 11 5983 9477 or email us at info@bricksave.com.

    Bricksave advises you to conduct your own legal, accounting or other due diligence review and to obtain investment and tax advice from your advisers before deciding to invest. You are solely responsible for conducting any legal, accounting or other due diligence review and should obtain investment and tax advice from your advisers before deciding to invest. Our support team does not make any recommendations, solicit any offers to buy or sell any securities, or provide any investment advice.

  • What types of partners does Bricksave work with?

    Bricksave has partnered with experienced developers and operators in an effort to generate as much value as possible for each of its investment opportunities.

  • What reporting is required?

    Bricksave has no required reporting obligations, but we seek to provide you with up to date information on each of your investments. This is done through the client dashboard where investors receive periodic financial statements and investment updates including financial forecasts and returns information. More information on project reporting can be found in the offering documents for each investment.

  • What returns should I expect?

    As an investor, you should expect to receive the forecast annual rental yield as soon as the property is closed and then after four years you will receive the return from the sale of the property.

    Returns cannot be guaranteed. We can only project potential returns based on certain assumptions as well as the due diligence we and our affiliates conduct prior to purchasing a property. Each investor is required to acknowledge from our Terms of Service that investments that derive their value from real estate involve substantial risks, that such investments are not appropriate for all investors, that there can be no assurance that the investment objectives for any particular investments will be met, and that investors must be able to bear an entire loss of their investment.

  • What are the potential risks involved?

    Investing in real estate is risky and is often speculative in nature. For example, if an investor's return depends on unit sales or rental income to exceed the costs of development and such sales or rents do not exceed such development costs, an investor could lose his or her capital contribution and/or make no return on his or her investment. Investors should carefully read the offering documents prior to making an investment decision in order to become familiar with the details of the investment, including the potential risks. Investors should also have knowledge and experience in financial and business matters, including investments that derive their value from real estate, and should be capable of evaluating the merits and risks of any prospective investment.

  • What fees does Bricksave charge?

    Unlike many Real Estate Crowdfunding companies who have complex fee structures, Bricksave work on a one off structuring fee basis. This means that our fees are taken directly from the initial investment and then all other fees are calculated before estimated returns are given to the clients. Each property is subject to different fees so please check the individual terms and conditions for this information.

  • What security do you have for each investment?

    Each investment offered through Bricksave is secured by the equity interests, direct or indirect, in the underlying real estate. Prior to acquiring a property, investors’ contributions are held in escrow until Bricksave have raised enough capital to close on the property. This ensures that your investment is always secured by the actual real estate that you’re investing in. The details of this escrow arrangement are explained in the offering documents for each investment.

  • Are the investments offered by Bricksave leveraged?

    At this stage the investments offered are not leveraged, all properties are purchased in full at the time of funding.

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