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In today's globalized world, it is easier than ever to invest overseas. The question is, does investing internationally bring good returns? We believe it does. Diversifying your portfolio across various countries hedges against risk and helps you seize lucrative opportunities outside your home country. This article explains why investing overseas – particularly in property – could make your portfolio more rewarding.

The benefits of local investment

When we talk about international investment portfolio, we don't mean only investing overseas. It is also important to have local or domestic investments. Your home country is part of this globalized world, and having investments both at home and overseas can help you build a robust and diversified portfolio.

You may have more knowledge of your own country's opportunities and the rules you need to navigate, making it easier to manage domestic investments. At the same time, being open to the idea of investments overseas allows you to make the most of other opportunities. 

Bricksave is breaking down the barriers to entry for investing overseas. Our team carries out extensive research to find lucrative opportunities and gives you access to a straightforward platform to manage them easily, no matter where you are based in the world.

How diversifying abroad can boost your portfolio

Investing overseas can help you make the most of markets that have shown steady, continued growth as well as lucrative emerging markets. It is also an effective way to help protect yourself from market fluctuations at home. Whether caused by geopolitics, different commodities, or circumstances outside anyone's control, every country will see it's market and currency peak and dip. With your portfolio diversified across different countries, you can be confident that if one of your investments has dropped in value, another is likely to have risen, helping balance out market shocks.

Gain access to higher performing markets with international investments

Property is generally considered a lower risk investment compared to the likes of stocks. But it also offers the chance for high returns.

In different regions across the world, countries are seeing house prices climb well above that of inflation. Adding international investments to your portfolio allows you to access some of the top performers. 

For many, creating an international property portfolio is an unattainable dream. But crowdfunding makes it possible. You can invest smaller amounts to enjoy a share of this lucrative market. Find out more about how we can help you invest in property. 

Make the most of the rental market

Many rental markets are experiencing a boom. People are looking for more flexibility and don't want to root themselves to single properties. There has also been a lack of stock in many countries, meaning homes to rent are even more sought after.

In the US, for example, national rental prices saw a three-year peak in September 2020 to reach an average of $1,867. Despite a slight subsequent dip, prices are now recovering well. Across Europe, rental prices are also performing well. In Rome, for example, rental properties fetch an average of EUR 13.30 per square meter; in Lisbon, they attract 11.80 per square meter, and in Vienna, they fetch EUR 9.90 per square meter. Across the world, countries are looking to tighten their rules to protect tenants, which will no doubt make renting even more attractive. 

Investing in rental properties remains a rewarding opportunity, which is why it is our focus at Bricksave. We enable investors to generate returns soon after investing. By gaining a share of the rental income, you will enjoy a steady income stream from properties worldwide.

Access the global property market

Real estate is set to continue its steady upwards trajectory, and markets around the world offer a range of different opportunities. At Bricksave, we want our investors to have the best chance of success both locally and through global markets, and we do this by giving you access to a wide range of properties. You will find them located everywhere, from Miami to Portugal.

Discover our latest opportunities.

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August 09, 2021

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