What does it take to build a secure real estate investment platform?

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A review of Bricksave by Patrick Aisher, Chairman of global investment company, Kinled Holding Limited, and experienced institutional real estate investor

What does it take to build a secure real estate investment platform?Patrick Aisher, kinled ltd

When real estate Crowdfunding first emerged as an alternative to traditional real estate investing, no one was really sure who the target audiences were; would it be just to serve existing High Net Worth individuals or would it open real estate investing to a whole new demographic? Would it be accessible to everyone and generate a new class of investors or would it just become a new tool for existing Institutionals and funds to invest in real estate more efficiently? The reality is that it has emerged as a tool for a variety of investors and that platforms already exist, which target and offer great opportunities for all of the above. 

When Tom de Lucy and Sofia Gancedo first developed the idea of Bricksave one of their goals was to truly disrupt the real estate investment industry and have a significant impact on both the way in which both HNWIs*, existing real estate investors and people with zero investment experience could purchase institutional-grade real estate around the world. 

In order to achieve this, they needed to combine multiple resources and skill sets from a global team with a wealth of experience and this is exactly what they have done. The management and real estate team behind the company have over $4 billion worth of real estate investment experience ensuring that the company can offer institutional-grade real estate opportunities whilst the tech team have built out a technologically advanced platform that offers a hassle-free investment process and means anyone can now have access to a variety of real estate investment opportunities. 

The team also has a strong focus on helping their clients alongside the journey once an investment has been made. The investor support team is on hand to guide an entirely new class of retail investors on how they could take advantage of these new opportunities whilst maintaining real-time records of investment returns and news on the various properties. 

The result of putting all of these different elements together is that Bricksave is the leading real estate Crowdfunding platform in Argentina today, offering the most secure, trusted real estate Crowdfunding opportunities on the market. No other platform has a 100% track record of offering higher than forecast returns on all properties across the platform and they are the only platform that offers their investors immediate returns, in USD as soon as a property is closed. 

The founders believe that by focusing on the quality of the Bricksave offering it allows them to both improve the investment experience for traditional, experienced real estate investors but also to truly democratize real estate investment for everyone. Bricksave’s focus is on offering secure real estate investments with instant returns. This sets Bricksave apart from many of their competitors who tend to take on high-risk development or debt opportunities and more often than not fail to deliver their forecast returns.

Historically real estate has been a secure, high yielding investment opportunity but it is important for individuals to know what they are investing into before taking the plunge. By choosing to invest through a reliable, experienced partner such as Bricksave they will save time, money and stress. 

Bricksave allows anyone to benefit from instant real estate returns in dollars and removes many of the issues or concerns usually associated with real estate investments, so don’t take my word for it visit their site www.bricksave.com and join the real estate investment revolution now. 

*HNWI: High net worth individuals


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