Q&A with Sofia Gancedo - Founder/COO of Bricksave

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1. What needs does Bricksave fulfil?

It enables small investors to reach the premium global real estate investment market in a transparent and easy way.


2. What are the few steps you took to fulfil your idea?

I studied the global crowdfunding market and realized the potential that the Latin American market could represent for real estate crowdfunding. The implementation of a robust transactional platform and the involvement of serious investors have been essential to build confidence among investors and for them to consider Bricksave as a transparent and hassle-free investment alternative.


3. What does Bricksave offer that is different from any other real estate platforms?

It offers small investors the opportunity to get access to finished, premium low-risk investments in global real estate in top locations around the world. In addition, Bricksave gives experienced investors the ability to easily diversify their portfolio and protect their investments.


4. Why are you focusing mostly on the Latin America market?

It is a virgin market, and in general politically unstable, which leads to a preference in investments in real assets.


5. What benefit does crowdfunding bring to the world of real-estate investment?

It enables small investors to become part owner of a luxury property in the best cities in the world by investing as little as US$2,500 as well as enjoying attractive returns paid monthly.


6. How do you select your properties?

We’re on the lookout for properties that have both the potential for good rental income as well as strong returns from the appreciation of the property and therefore provide our Crowdfunders with the best possible investment over the long-term.

To do this, we consider various factors, such as macroeconomic conditions, the location and the property itself.  While other real estate Crowdfunding platforms look for quick gains from volatile and risky fix-and-flip properties, Bricksave is focused on long-term, low-risk returns. By the time we have chosen a property and bring it to the Crowdfunding market we have a fully completed, high-end property with a long-term tenancy agreement in place. Our Crowdfunders are not exposed to developmental or vacancy risks and as such start earning money from the moment the property is fully funded.


7. What’s next for Bricksave?

We’d like to broaden our scope of investment by offering our crowdfunders opportunities to invest across more geographies, including New York, Europe and Asia. We will also be launching in Brazil soon.


8. What are you best pieces of advice to become a digital entrepreneur in Latin America?

Persistence. No entrepreneur can survive without it. You need to keep trying, keep testing and keep learning alongside your entrepreneur journey. Persistence is also a key quality in networking and building the kinds of relationship that will take your start-up to the next level.


9. As a woman entrepreneur, are you facing different challenges?

Of course, I live in a male dominated society, which is slowly changing for good but it will take time. That same difficulty leads women to be very focused and hardworking to overcome all types of obstacles.



Investing carries risks, including loss of capital and illiquidity. Please read our Risk Warning before investing.