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Why did you decide to join Bricksave?
I consider myself an innovator and I loved the idea of working for an organization that’s pathing the future of the industry. I think that’s why I was ready to take the next step with the leading real estate Crowdfunding platform in Argentina, Bricksave.
I was impressed by Bricksave’s true dedication and care towards its community of investors. It was exciting for me to be able to join Bricksave because it is the leading real estate Crowdfunding platform in Argentina, offering the most secure, trusted real estate Crowdfunding opportunities on the market. It’s great to know I am working for an organization that actively seeks to provide the best investment opportunities for its community of investors!


What experiences and knowledge do you bring to this platform?
A company like Bricksave provides the ideal environment for me to learn and thrive. I am keen to learn and understand how to grow companies taking them to the next level. What I hope to bring to the table is the accumulated knowledge that I’ve gathered over my education and career. 
Having been brought up in Gibraltar, I am at home with cross-cultural teams, being immersed at a young age to a confluence of races, cultures, ethnicities, and religions. During my three years at BPP College of Law where I graduated as a certified Solicitor and with four years at McGill University, I have built up a portfolio of valuable skills and experiences, which have contributed significantly, to my growth as a leader and individual. I also build up a significant bank of knowledge on cross border regulatory and investment requirements, which will help significantly during my time with Bricksave. Following my studies I took on the role of Managing Director of Universal Livestock Solutions Ltd, acting as the sole Agent, for Pasteur Romania, in Accra, Ghana, and Sub-Saharan Africa. My experiences in launching a new market for a top European company was a great stepping stone to my new position with Bricksave and I believe I will be able to bring many of the skills learned there to help both existing and new investors on the Bricksave platform. 


What is it that makes Bricksave so unique?
Bricksave is unique in more ways than one… The first difference that jumps out at you is that Bricksave’s focus is on offering secure real estate investments with instant returns. It does this by offering investors, whether they are experienced real estate investors or small first-timers, the opportunity to get access to finished, (equity rather than debt or development funding) investments in some of the worlds most secure currencies, enabling investors to easily build a globally diversified real estate portfolio. 
At its centre, at the heart of the beast, you will find that the founders believe that by focusing on the quality of what Bricksave is offering they can truly democratize the real estate investment industry and improve the investment experience for all levels of investors.


How is Crowdfunding transforming Real Estate investments in Latam?
The development and innovations in technology such as Crowdfunding are enabling the real estate market in Latin America to be financed in ways that were not possible only a decade ago. With traditional investing, investors would not be aware of new kinds of opportunities and would not have the minimum cash requirements to invest. The reduced minimums of crowdfunding enable investors to get involved in a greater number of deals with small investment amounts allowing them to diversify and mitigate risks while spreading their investments across geography and property types. The variety of investment opportunities that are subsequently made available lead to tremendous growth within the sector and the economy. 
Due to the ease and speed of modern property investing it will undoubtedly lead to the property investment sector playing a more prominent role in normal people’s investment portfolios. One advantage that real estate Crowdfunding offers its investors is the option to make their investments in developed equity properties in foreign currencies such as the Dollar or Euro. Avoiding the fluctuations of local volatile currencies while also being able to put their money to work in properties across the globe, ensuring diversification and economic stability. 


Where do you believe real estate Crowdfunding is headed in Latam?
The sky’s the limit… The revolution that real estate Crowdfunding offers is that it enables access and exposure to normal people, not just the big institutional investors, meaning a whole new demographic is now able to invest in property worldwide. Where access was limited to just those with personal connections and liquid capital to meet minimums, it is no longer the case, the real estate market has been flipped and is truly open to all those who want to get on board. It’s a sharing economy with cheaper upfront costs meaning a larger group of smaller investors can now share the returns. What the real estate Crowdfunding stage is providing is a platform from which Latin America can begin to bridge the wealth disparity gap that exists empowering a new breed of Latin American investors and affording them with the chance to increase their wealth using stable long-term property investment strategies.
I have no doubt that real estate crowdfunding will become an established form of putting money into property. I am glad to be part of the Bricksave team which is one of the leaders in this evolutionary process.

February 18, 2020

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