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With crowdfunding becoming more and more popular as a way to gather funds for creative and business interests, we have been lucky enough to witness some truly staggering crowdfunding success stories from across all sectors. Everything from technology to fashion, finance to music has been affected by crowdfunding, and with equity crowdfunding establishing itself as the new investment model, we’re likely to see the crowdfunding revolution continue its meteoric rise.

Some seriously impressive amounts have been raised using crowdfunding platforms, providing funds for even more impressive ideas. Here’s a roundup of our picks of the most interesting crowdfunding campaigns so far:


Raising over 2.3 million dollars in 34 days, 3Doodler is a 3D printing pen that uses super-heated plastic which cools immediately to create rigid structures in three dimensions. The company used Kickstarter as their funding platform, receiving more than 26 000 backers.

Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift campaign is possibly the most well-known and widely reported crowdfunding project so far. The idea is based on a virtual reality headset that allows gamers to experience a fully-immersive version of their favourite games. Over 2.4 million dollars was raised in 30 days, and the massive success of the campaign led to Oculus Rift being acquired by Facebook for an incredible 2 billion dollars.

The Dash

This project aimed to raise money for a truly innovative and useful product. The Dash is a smart wireless in-ear headphone set that also works as a fitness tracker – a world first. The campaign managed to gather a massive 3.39 million dollars in 50 days on Kickstarter.


Baubax is crowdfunding’s most successful clothing project to date. The product is an ultimate travel jacket complete with built-in eye mask, gloves, earphone holders, drink pocket, tech pocket, neck pillow, and portable charger pocket. The project had 44 949 backers and raised over 9.1 million dollars on Kickstarter.


SCiO is a true testament to how far technology has come. The device is a miniature spectrometer that scans food, medicine and plants, sending detailed information about their respective chemical makeups directly to your smartphone. The campaign had a target of just 200 000 dollars, but eventually managed to raise over 2.7 million.


Another futuristic entry, ReWalk is a robotics company that specialises in mechanised exoskeletons designed to help those with spinal injuries to walk again. The exoskeletons provide hip and knee motion to allow users to walk, turn and use stairs. The project was extremely popular and members of the crowdfunding site OurCrowd raised 3.3 million dollars towards its development.

Parcel Genie

More of a logistical milestone, Parcel Genie is a system whereby people can send spontaneous gifts to friends or family without needing to know their address; the system sends the recipient a notification and they arrange the collection of the gift. The campaign was a roaring success and raised 2.6 million dollars on Kickstarter, having had a target of just 1 million.


With more companies than ever before turning to crowdfunding to raise capital, who knows what amazing creative projects or businesses will find their way to fruition next.

June 01, 2016

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