A Christmas Message from our CEO Tom de Lucy

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2016 has been a great year for both Bricksave and our crowdfunders. We’re so excited about the progress the company has made, the positive feedback from crowdfunders (and now proud property owners!), and the success of all of our investments so far – it all goes to show how well Real Estate Crowdfunding works, cementing our belief that it will soon be an established feature of the global financial landscape.

The year started with our company launch and the formulation of our dynamic, experienced and highly professional team. Combining the extensive background and knowledge of our COO Sofia Gancedo and our CFO Marie Buffiere has created such a solid platform for growth, and it’s my belief that this level of expertise has been integral to the company’s progress, especially when it comes to investor experience and satisfaction.

In March we launched our fully-functioning transactional website and property funding began. The first property we offered for investment was our Millecento apartment in Miami, which has ended up providing our crowdfunders with even higher returns than we predicted in the first six months. In total our crowdfunders are now the proud owners of over $2.5 million of real estate that has been funded through Bricksave, a figure that we are extremely proud of.

In recent months we’ve been expanding and looking for investment opportunities in other countries, with the aim of providing our crowdfunders with the widest possible range of options for investment. We are now launching our first property in New York and we’re incredibly excited to be involved in one of the world’s hotspots for property investment. In the New Year we will be launching our first European properties, allowing our crowdfunders to diversify their portfolios internationally.

But it isn’t just our property searches that have a global outlook, our user demographic definitely has a certain international character to it: so far we have had crowdfunders using Bricksave from eight different countries, and we will be working to increase that number and continue to open real estate investment up to the world.

With the year coming to an end, it’s time to look forward. We’re thrilled to say that we have had significant interest from institutional investors and are expecting more of them to invest through Bricksave in 2017. We believe that this demonstrates how Bricksave has become an internationally trusted business, for both first time and experienced investors. We will also be growing our team in the New Year with more internationally recognised real estate experts, ensuring that we continue to offer our crowdfunders the most stable and secure returns available on the market, details of this will be announced soon.

Happy holidays to you all and a happy New Year!


Yours Sincerely,

Tom de Lucy



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