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Real Estate Crowdfunding platform Bricksave have completed funding on their first property in Detroit in record time. Having launched this latest property, offering their investors 11% instant rental returns in dollars, the property closed in less than 48 hours, a record in terms of Argentine Real Estate Crowdfunding.

As the first fully transactional Real Estate Crowdfunding platform to offer Crowdfunding real estate investments to Argentinians, the platform has lead the way in terms of volume of properties funded and the quality of their returns. To date the company has focused on properties in some of the world’s leading cities such as Miami, New York and Barcelona and now Detroit. Previous properties have had a clear balance between rental returns and capital appreciation but the Detroit property crowdfunding is the first to focus primarily on rental returns. The property offers a 11% rental yield, meaning that investors could earn a 11% return on their investment, in US dollars, from the moment they invested with additional property appreciation also forecast as an added bonus. The property was in fact oversubscribed with investors, many of whom have chosen to invest in the current Barcelona property instead.

This is another great success for the company who was recently chosen as finalists in BBVA bank’s global Fintech competition and whose track record clearly makes them the most successful and secure Real Estate Crowdfunding platform operating in Argentina today.

Sofia Gancedo, COO and Co-Founder of the platform was thrilled with this achievement stating that ‘this goes to show the quality of investment opportunities that we are offering and the demand for our product from within Argentina. We have always had a focused on democratising real estate investing and offering individuals access to opportunities that were not accessible for them.  We have continued to offer higher than forecast returns on all of our properties and the fact that over 80% of our crowdfunders have now re-invested just goes to show the level of service and trust that we are offering our clients.’

Sofia went on to add: “We are delighted with the interest that Real Estate Crowdfunding is receiving, not to mention the diverse range of investors getting involved – we’ve had everything from teachers to civil servants, as well as HNWI and family offices.”

Bricksave have announced that as a result of the success of this Crowdfunding they will be looking to offer their Crowdfunders a broader range of properties and more chances to diversify.  

For details on other Bricksave properties, or to sign up for your own Real Estate Crowdfunding account with Bricksave, visit

For more information please contact the Bricksave office at [email protected].

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About Bricksave

Bricksave is a real estate crowdfunding platform that allows crowdfunders to collectively buy properties across the globe and share the rental income, as well as a proportional share of the returns once the property is sold after four years. Crowdfunders can invest anything from $1,000, and then monitor their investment via their online Bricksave account. Bricksave also covers all of the administration, meaning that investors can sit back and enjoy a hassle-free version of property investment.

February 07, 2019


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