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Bricksave: Aiming for a Regulated Real Estate Crowdfunding Market

Jun 9, 2017

The British Embassy in Buenos Aires organised a cocktail party on June 5, 2017 to honour Mr. Patrick Aisher, Chairman of Bricksave. Around thirty investors and relevant figures from the investment environment in Argentina attended the event.

Patrick Aisher, Chairman of Bricksave and Kinled - the British holding company which owns Bricksave - reaffirmed his conviction on the future of real estate crowdfunding in Latinamerica. He specially congratulated Finance Secretary of Argentina Mr. Leandro Cuccioli, also present, for his excellent administration and his vision to expand the size of the Argentine capital markets and regulate vehicles, such as real estate crowdfunding, to transform savings into investments.

Sofia Gancedo, co-founder of Bricksave, stated that although Bricksave was originally founded in Argentina, it grew into an international business thanks to British capital. Bricksave offers investments in New York, Miami, Barcelona and Viena, soon adding investment properties in London, Monaco and Singapore. Bricksave has been active expressing the need for a regulated market in Argentina.

Richard Barlow, representing the British Embassy, underlined the importance of crowdfunding as a growing market worldwide and expressed the Embassy’s support for Bricksave congratulating its Directors for being pioneers and leaders in the crowdfunding for real estate in Latinamerica.

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Apt. 7o2A, Corsega 60, Barcelona

Apt. 7o2A, Corsega 60, Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

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98% Funded € 422,187

Target € 432,600

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11379 Bramell, Detroit

11379 Bramell, Detroit

Detroit, United States of America

Estimated Avg. Annual Return*11.9% - 13.9%

Total InvestedUS$ 56,000

88% Funded US$ 56,000

Target US$ 63,450

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