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14 Reasons You Should Invest in Crowdfunded Real Estate

Aug 23, 2016

Crowdfunding has totally disrupted the global investment model, providing new opportunities for investors of all kinds. In real estate alone, crowdfunding has altered the way people invest in property, turning ......

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Why Luxury Real Estate is Such a Good Asset and Why it’s Better Than Non-Luxury Real Estate

Aug 19, 2016

When investing in real estate it is important to choose your properties with the utmost care and attention. Some investors believe that putting money into large quantities of low-end properties ......

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Why Your Investment Portfolio Should Include Real Estate

Jul 27, 2016

It is well-known that expansive investment portfolios provide better returns than those that are narrow or non-inclusive; indeed, Investopedia tells us that “diversification is the most important component of reaching ......

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Equity Crowdfunding is Being Noticed by the Academic Community

Jul 12, 2016

The recent rise of crowdfunding as a means of alternative finance has prompted a global reshuffle of the finance industry as a whole. The shift in practice is so significant ......

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How Equity Crowdfunding Will Affect the Global Investment Market

Jul 4, 2016

Equity crowdfunding has ushered in a move towards the democratization of the global investment market. Investment in high quality, secure equity investing is now available to almost everyone, where before ......

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Why are People Investing In Real Estate In 2016?

Jun 24, 2016

With interest rates low and markets showing signs of volatility, many investors are looking to real estate as a stable way to help safeguard their money. The world’s property market ......

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Global Growth Of Equity Crowdfunding: Challenging Traditional Investment Modes

Jun 21, 2016

With the global crowdfunding sector expected to reach a total worth of $300 billion by 2025, it is unsurprising that many banks and financial institutions are starting to form contingency ......

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Can Crowdfunding Change the Global Real Estate Investment Model?

Jun 13, 2016

In the past, much of the real estate investment market managed to limit access to deals by a) withholding information pertaining to it, and b) requiring high levels of investment ......

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Crowdfunding: An Alternative to Traditional Real Estate Investment

Jun 9, 2016

  Crowdfunding is helping to permanently change the landscape of real estate investment. While traditional real estate investment requires large amounts of capital, industry knowledge and an ability to manage ......

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U.S. Real Estate: Tourist Interest in New York and Miami is on the Rise

Jun 7, 2016

The major U.S. cities have been enjoying healthy tourism rates for a number of years, annually hosting significant amounts of visitors both domestic and international. The big American cities have ......

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