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The global business landscape now incorporates more women than ever before, with women occupying an increasingly large number of the leading roles in top corporations. In Latin America, for example, a recent study by the consulting firm Mercer suggests that the region is making substantial headway in terms of balancing the gender ratio, catching up fast to nations like the US and Britain;.

As it stands, only 24% of senior business roles are held by women across the globe, but this is changing – the figure is up by 2% since 2015, and although this is a small increase, it demonstrates the current trajectory of women moving into managerial positions.

The real estate and technology sectors are experiencing their own gender balancing with tech especially leading the way towards a more equal distribution of business seniority.

Here are the top 8 leading women in the tech and real estate sectors that we feel inspired by :


Safra Catz

Safra is current co-CEO of Oracle, the multinational US technology firm that specialises in cloud engineering and database software. She joined Oracle in 1999 and soon began working her way toward the top of the corporation; she became co-CEO after former CEO and founder Larry Ellison stepped down in 2014. With a net worth of around US$510 million, Safra is one of the world’s most prominent female executives.

Ruth Porat

British-born American Ruth Porat is the CFO of Alphabet, the holding company started by the founders of Google. She joined Alphabet in 2015 after a rich career on Wall Street, and her initiatives have led to an upswing in operating margins for the company. Ruth has three degrees and a career’s worth of experience to offer, which has resulted in a projected (minimum) US$70 million in earnings for her first two years at Alphabet.

Sofia Gancedo

As Bricksave COO, Sofia is a significant player in both the real estate and technology industries, especially within the Latin American market. Sofia has fifteen years’ experience working with internet start-ups, real estate and online marketing, and during that time she co-founded DineroMail, Latin America’s largest payment platform – she eventually went on to sell DineroMail to Naspers, one of the world’s largest multinational media corporations.

Susan Wojcicki

As CEO of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki spearheads one of the world’s biggest and most influential online platforms. As a long-standing Google employee, it was Susan that encouraged the search engine to purchase YouTube in the first place in 2006, and she has acted as the video site’s CEO since 2014. At an estimated US$350 million net worth, Susan is one of the world’s most successful female executives, and her achievements are truly jaw-dropping – YouTube is now worth around US$70 billion.

Real Estate:

Mary Ann Tighe

Mary Ann Tighe is a senior executive of CBRE, the biggest commercial real estate corporation in the world. She acts as CEO of the New York Tri-State Region, an area that contains some of the most expensive and sought-after commercial real estate in America, and probably - considering that New York ranks second on the World Economic Forum’s top cities for commercial property investment - the world.

Ana Maria Brescia Cafferata

Built on the company founded by her father, Ana María Brescia Cafferata is part-owner of Grupo Breca, Peru’s most significant real estate firm. Ana Maria’s estimated $1.5 billion net worth makes her one of the richest women in the world, and one of the most prominent figures in the Latin American real estate market.

Laura Pomerantz

Laura Pomerantz is Head of Strategic Accounts and Vice Chairman at Cushman & Wakefield Inc., a multinational commercial real estate services company headquartered in Chicago. She joined the firm in 2014, and is currently leading a newly created strategic accounts group that is charged with cultivating profitable relationships for the company. She is a property veteran of around three decades, in that time co-founding the well-known PBS Real Estate.

Amy Bohutinsky

As COO of Zillow Group, Amy Bohutinsky is another figure who combines real estate savvy with technological knowhow. Founded in 2006, Zillow is an online real estate database company started by former Microsoft execs. Amy also serves as member of the board of directors for a number of other influential firms, including HotelTonight and Avvo, the internet’s biggest legal marketplace.


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