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Real Estate Crowdfunding platform Bricksave have launched their brand new and improved website, designed to make investing in real estate easier and safer than ever for Crowdfunders.

The new site is more streamlined and user-friendly, featuring a new Crowdfunder dashboard system that provides account holders with an easy-to-use investment dashboard, allowing them to monitor the status of all of their investments in one place. With a just few clicks investors can see their returns, view future forecast returns, assess the full returns from their portfolio, and browse news and media information relating to their properties.

The new dashboard is specifically designed so that investors have all the information they need to keep fully up to date with every necessary detail of their investments. The dashboard also allows users to keep track of all transactions that have been made via their Bricksave account, and the Bricksave help team are always on hand to answer any queries they might have.

Security is a top priority with Bricksave Version 2; the new site uses Paypal and Stripe to ensure that all transactions are completely safe and secure. To this end, the site also uses Contego as their identification verification system, an internationally recognised program renowned for first-class security and user ID checking.

Bricksave CEO Tom De Lucy commented: “We’re extremely pleased with the new site. Our aim was to make the entire investment process easier and clearer for our Crowdfunders, and I believe we’ve achieved that goal. The world of real estate investment can sometimes seem a little complicated, and we wanted to decode the process and make it more straightforward for people so that anyone can invest with confidence.”

The new site is the result of months of development and a meticulous attention to detail that is all part of the dedication and professionalism of the Bricksave team.

To sign up for an easier way to invest in real estate, visit the new site and create your account today!

For more information please contact the Bricksave office at [email protected].

About Bricksave

Bricksave is a Real Estate Crowdfunding platform that allows Crowdfunders to collectively buy luxury properties across the globe and share the rental income, as well as a proportional share of the returns once the property is sold after four years. Crowdfunders can invest upwards from $2500, and then monitor their investment via their online Bricksave account. Bricksave also cover all of the administration and regulatory processes involved with purchasing the property, meaning that investors can sit back and enjoy a hassle-free version of property investment.

Março 15, 2016


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