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Bricksave Invited to Consult on Real Estate Crowdfunding Legislation for Argentina

Feb 27, 2017

Argentina Parliament Building


In an effort to regulate the industry, the Comisión Nacional de Valores (CNV) hired specialists on Crowdfunding regulation at BID to study and propose alternatives considering other Latin American economies and the experience in other countries where regulation is already the norm, mainly European countries and the US.

On February 14th, Bricksave was invited by CNV to meet with BID representatives, Diego Herrera, Francisco de Michelis and Sonia Vadillo Cortazar, to discuss the new Crowdfunding Legislation which will be treated at a parliamentary level next month in Argentina.

Here, we shared our business model and experiences as part of an effort to give a space to the main players in Latin America today. Furthermore, Bricksave proposed more control on platforms and a lowering of costs for the final user in order for Argentina to become a regional leader in crowdfunding regulation.

Find out why investment in Real Estate Crowdfunding is a smart choice for Latin American Investors.


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Apt. 7o2A, Corsega 60, Barcelona

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