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Bricksave Adopts Lemon Way as New Payment Solution

May 30, 2017

Lemonway & Bricksave


Bricksave has chosen France’s top FinTech company Lemon Way as their new fully regulated payment system.

The platform was previously using a combination of international identification verification system, institutional bank, electronic signature technology and self-built API to facilitate crowdfunders investments,  and have now opted for a more streamlined, fully integrated system provided by Lemon Way, which covers the entire procedure from start to finish.

Lemon Way is one of Europe’s leading FinTech institutions for online transactions, with more than 3 million individual accounts and over 1,000 platforms using it as their payment facilitator.  Recent European regulations now require all entities that handle funds on behalf of a third party to operate via an established payment institution, and Lemon Way provides an efficient, secure and fully regulated option to satisfy that legislation. Lemon Way provides payment services for a wide range of verticals , including crowdfunding, e-commerce, car sharing, and remittance services. €900 million was handled by Lemon Way in 2016.

For Bricksave, Lemon Way will help further improve security and streamline the payment process, as well as assisting in Bricksave’s endeavours to achieve perfect compliance with all financial regulations, and promote further regulatory vigilance for the future of the equity crowdfunding market. (Bricksave in fact recently consulted the Argentinian Comisión Nacional de Valores on new crowdfunding legislation, proposing more rigorous controls on platforms, as well as a lowering of costs for the end user.)

CEO Tom De Lucy commented: “Lemon Way is one of the market leaders for online transactions and we’re incredibly excited to be partnering with them for our platform’s payment system. This new approach will make the Bricksave process even smoother and more secure for our crowdfunders. Lemon Way’s emphasis on regulatory irreproachability is also the perfect match for our dedication to strict financial regulation in the crowdfunding market – with their help we can look forward to a safe and ultimately democratic future for crowdfunding.”

Lemon Way CEO Damien Guermonprez is equally pleased with the partnership. He said: “Lemon Way is excited to be working with the British crowdfunding real estate platform, Bricksave. We love to be involved with the new economy and think that Bricksave offers a great opportunity to a variety of people to invest in real estate. We know that security is an important concern of Bricksave and it is one of the pillars of our business. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship!”


About Lemon Way:

Lemon Way collects the payments of clients of new economy websites: financial participation platforms (crowdfunding), sharing platforms, marketplaces and e-commerce websites. Lemon Way ensures the fight against fraud and secures customer payment operations. Lemon Way obtained a payment establishment license at the end of 2012 from the ACPR and benefits from a “financial passport” in 29 countries. Based in Montreuil, on the outskirts of Paris, since its creation in 2007 by Sébastien Burlet, the independent company employs 86 people of 27 different nationalities. Lemon Way had €7m in turnover in 2016 and is aiming for €15m in 2017.


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5-2 Wohnresidenz Zogernitz, Vienna

5-2 Wohnresidenz Zogernitz, Vienna

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Target € 760,000

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15421 Sussex Street, Detroit

15421 Sussex Street, Detroit

Detroit, United States of America

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Total InvestedUS$ 49,750

53% Funded US$ 49,750

Target US$ 94,320

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