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How Bricksave Works for You

Start investing today, with as little as US$1,000, and receive forecast average annual returns of 10%* in the world’s strongest currencies

Why Invest with Bricksave?

Experts the World Over
Returns Worth Talking About
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Hassle Free Real Estate
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Perfect for:

1st-Time Investors

1st-Time Investors

Begin investing for the future with a real estate portfolio starting from US$1,000.

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Experienced Investors

Experienced Investors

Diversify your portfolio with real estate and we'll take care of all the details.

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Financial Advisers

Financial Advisers

Protect your clients’ investments with real estate returning an average of 10%*.

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How it Works

  • Discover international real estate investment opportunities

    Browse current investment opportunities available through Bricksave and, as a member, get access to properties before they are released to the general public.

  • Invest in properties

    In just a few clicks you’ll be able to setup your account and securely invest with us, by bank transfer, starting from US$1,000.

  • Track your investments and earnings

    Our state-of-the-art investment portal allows you to monitor all your Bricksave investments giving you full transparency on how your investments are progressing over time.

  • Earn rental income every month

    You’ll get rental income every month which you can put towards your next investment or transfer back to your bank account on an annual basis.

  • Sell the property and reinvest

    At the end of the 4 years, we will sell the property and distribute your final returns.

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Returns worth talking about

Stocks and bonds may be considered more stable but the returns are significantly less than your estimated returns with Bricksave:

Example Investment

Estimated Rental Income per Year


Estimated Rental Income Over 4 Years


Estimated Return from Sale of Property


Your total estimated return*


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What exactly is Real Estate Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a system in which people collectively network and pool their funds in an effort to raise money for a project or organisation, usually via the internet. The idea behind Crowdfunding is simple: like-minded people can group together small amounts of money enabling them to invest into larger, previously unattainable projects, and when they do, large sums of money can be raised quickly.

Real Estate Crowdfunding allows money to be collectively raised from many investors and used to fund the purchase/construction of a property. Each investor owns a percentage of the property in proportion to their initial investment. The benefits are clear to both the real estate market and investors. Capital for projects can be raised quickly and investors can get access to the real estate market with small amounts of money.

Bricksave allows investors to collectively buy the property on a buy-to-let basis (with Bricksave doing all the legwork and legal organisation), and then collect a proportional share of the rental income, as well as a share of the capital gains once the property is sold after four years.

Track Your Investments, Anywhere, Anytime

Users get 24/7 access to their investment dashboard, allowing them to monitor and manage their investments at any time.

Keeping up to date with their returns, receiving property news and market reports and being able to reinvest directly through their secure login.

Access your dashboard anytime
Monitor your investments from all your devices
Grow your portfolio
Invest hassle-free

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Our Process

Bricksave's unique process makes investing in luxury real estate simple and hassle-free

1. We find great properties across the globe

2. We create a unique company to buy and manage the property

3. Bricksave investors own a share of the new company based on their investment

4. Rental returns are immediately passed on to our investors

5. We sell the property after 4 years or when your total returns exceed 20%

6. Bricksave investors receive their share of the profits

The Team

We have put together a world-class, experienced team with a wealth of knowledge and experience in real estate, finance, digital technology and start-up sectors.

Tom de Lucy, CEO
Tom de Lucy, CEO

Tom has 8 years of experience in business development with a focus on real estate & technology firms, including rolling out an international property portal in Latin America and commercial property portal in the United Kingdom. He is Co-Founder of 2 start-ups.

Sofia Gancedo, COO
Sofia Gancedo, COO

Sofia has over 15 years' experience with internet start-ups, online marketing research and the real estate market. She is Co-Founder of Dinero Mail, the largest online payment platform in Latin America.

Marie Buffiere, CFO
Marie Buffiere, CFO

Marie has 12 years' of international finance experience in multinationals in London, Paris, Sydney and Buenos Aires. Marie has spent the last 3 years working with successful start-ups and digital technology companies.

The Bricksave Advantage

  • Deep Focus - we leverage our extensive network in the global real estate market to locate the best properties for investment with a focus on achieving the highest yield returns at the lowest possible risk for our crowdfunding investors.

  • Due Diligence - utilising our management team’s expertise, Bricksave completes a thorough audit of the property and physically visits the location to evaluate the market value, location, quality, etc.

  • Ongoing Management - all administration in regards to fees, recurring insurance, maintenance, etc. are taken care of by Bricksave, allowing investors a hassle-free, great value investment.

Common Questions

  • Will I need to put in further capital?

    No, investors will not have to contribute further capital. All costs including bills and fees are funded from the Gross Rent. The risks of most large unexpected costs (such as flood or fire) are mitigated through property insurance.

    Certain other costs, such as roof maintenance, are also forecasted and communicated via our website to investors at the point of investment.  To deal with this we either (i) raise a work provision during initial crowdfunding or (ii) set aside a certain amount of Gross Rent.

  • How do I exit my investment?

    The standard investment exit is to exit after four years at market value.

    On each fourth anniversary of the completion of the transaction on the platform, Bricksave will put the property on the market for sale under the following conditions:

    (i) The property is inspected and valued by an independent Chartered Surveyor with reference to factors such as recent transactions and the condition of the property, adjusted for any potential liabilities that the LLC may have, such as taxation.

    (ii) Once the property sale has completed investors will receive the dividend relevant to their share in the property.

    Bricksave will administer this process and is obliged to act in the interests of investors to maximise financial return. On successful completion of the sale, all Investors in that property will be exited and net proceeds will be distributed to investors. Note that third-party costs, such as legal fees, will reduce the proceeds available for distribution to investors, but Bricksave will not charge any fees or make any profit margin on the third party fees.

    It should be noted that this process will take as long as required and typically the sales process is between 3-4 months. However, there is no guarantee of this as the sale could take longer.

  • What returns should I expect?

    As an investor, you should expect to receive the forecast annual rental yield as soon as the property is closed and then after four years you will receive the return from the sale of the property.

    Returns cannot be guaranteed. We can only project potential returns based on certain assumptions as well as the due diligence we and our affiliates conduct prior to purchasing a property. Each investor is required to acknowledge from our Terms of Service that investments that derive their value from real estate involve substantial risks, that such investments are not appropriate for all investors, that there can be no assurance that the investment objectives for any particular investments will be met, and that investors must be able to bear an entire loss of their investment.

  • What are the potential risks involved?

    Investing in real estate is risky and is often speculative in nature. For example, if an investor's return depends on unit sales or rental income to exceed the costs of development and such sales or rents do not exceed such development costs, an investor could lose his or her capital contribution and/or make no return on his or her investment. Investors should carefully read the offering documents prior to making an investment decision in order to become familiar with the details of the investment, including the potential risks. Investors should also have knowledge and experience in financial and business matters, including investments that derive their value from real estate, and should be capable of evaluating the merits and risks of any prospective investment.

  • What security do you have for each investment?

    Each investment offered through Bricksave is secured by the equity interests, direct or indirect, in the underlying real estate. Prior to acquiring a property, investors’ contributions are held in escrow until Bricksave have raised enough capital to close on the property. This ensures that your investment is always secured by the actual real estate that you’re investing in. The details of this escrow arrangement are explained in the offering documents for each investment.

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