How it works

Earn average annual returns of 9% from as little as $1,000 in the world’s strongest currencies*

1. Select property

2. Choose investment amount

3. Generate returns

Investments designed for you

Our crowdfunding platform is designed for all investors. Simple, accessible and hassle-free investing from $1,000.

First Time Investors

First time investor

Start your journey with Bricksave to becoming a real estate investor. From your first investment to managing your diversified portfolio, start from as little as $1,000.

Experienced Investors

Experienced investor

Generate hassle free returns of 9% per annum*. Bricksave make managing your international real estate portfolio straightforward and instantly accessible.

Financial Advisors

Financial advisor

Bricksave offers your clients a straightforward and instantly accessible way to build an international real estate portfolio. Allowing direct investment opportunities into hand-picked properties from across the globe.

Why invest with Bricksave?

Bricksave is a state-of-the-art crowdfunding platform providing direct access to secure, asset-backed investment opportunities hand-picked from around the world. Create an internationally diversified real estate portfolio from as little as $1,000, from the palm of your hand.

What is Real Estate Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the practice of crowdsourcing alternative finance. Multiple investors come together and pool their investments in order to fund larger investments or projects.

Historically, property investment was restricted to High Net Worth Individuals and institutional investors with millions to invest. Real Estate crowdfunding allows finance to be collectively raised from several investors to fund the purchase or construction of a property. Each investor owns a percentage share of the property depending on the amount invested.

With Bricksave, capital for multiple properties can be raised quickly and investors can get instant access to the global real estate market with smaller investment amounts. Investors collectively fund the purchase of property on a buy-to-let basis while the due diligence and legal administration is taken care of by Bricksave. Investor returns are then generated from rental income. In addition, capital interest can accrue over the lifetime of the property, and these gains are then returned to the investors once the property is sold.

The Bricksave process

  1. Bricksave selects a property
  2. New unique company (SVP) created to buy and manage the property
  3. Investors own % share of SVP
  4. Rental returns are immediately passed to investors
  5. At the end of the investment period the property is sold
  6. Bricksave investors receive their share of the profits
  7. Investors have option to re-invest

The Bricksave advantage

  • Property expertise

    Our extensive network in the global real estate market allows us to locate the best properties for investment. Our aim: generate high yield returns at the lowest possible risk for our crowdfunding investors.
  • We do the hard work

    Our expert team undertake a strict due diligence process when selecting investment opportunities for our investors. We navigate and manage the complex legal and administrative undertakings, evaluate the market value, location, quality and physically visit the property. So you don’t have to.
  • Hassle-free management

    Bricksave is responsible for the ongoing management and administration of the property throughout the lifetime of the investment. From fees and insurance, to property maintenance until your investment and profit is returned to you.

Investing carries risks, including loss of capital and illiquidity. Please read our Risk Warning before investing.