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4 years

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This condo unit, built in 1966, features 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room, presenting a promising investment opportunity.

About the area


Miami, located at Florida's southeastern tip, is a prime investment destination. With sun-drenched beaches, a vibrant culture, and dynamic nightlife, it attracts both tourists and business ventures. As a key gateway to Latin America, Miami's economy thrives on international trade, finance, real estate, entertainment, and healthcare. This diverse economy provides rich investment opportunities. The city's mix of modern skyscrapers, historic Art Deco, and Mediterranean designs creates a unique real estate market. From luxurious waterfront properties to upscale urban developments, Miami offers investors promising opportunities for long-term growth and profitability.

Miami is expanding upwards and outwards – mainly upwards. Over 50 skyscrapers exceeding 400ft currently exist or are being built within the city limits, leading to an ever-developing skyline that is becoming an iconic member of America’s list of famous high-rise cities, alongside New York and Chicago.

Miami Gardens

Located 16 miles north of Downtown Miami, Miami Gardens offers strategic access to major highways like I-95 and the Palmetto Expressway. This dynamic suburb features a mix of Single-Family Homes and multi-unit residences, attracting a diverse population. With significant redevelopment underway, Miami Gardens is a prime opportunity for investors to benefit from infrastructure enhancements, economic growth, and community revitalization projects.

Selling points

Strong Market Fundamentals

Our experienced and professional real estate team review each and every Bricksave deal utilising our AI driven, Algorithmic real estate sourcing programme.

Good Condition

This property has undergone a detailed inspection and only minor decorative repairs are required in order to achieve the target rent and maximise the returns. 

Tenant in place

The property is already occupied with a new long-term lease. This will allow investors to receive immediate returns once the property is fully funded. 

Investment Timeline
  • Funding started
    6th June 2024
  • Funding complete
  • Year 1 returns
  • Year 2 returns
  • Year 3 returns
  • Year 4 returns
  • Property sold

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