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Bricksave makes it possible to diversify client portfolios with international real estate yielding average annual returns of 9%*

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All the Returns, None of the Work

Real Estate investments are a great way to diversify a client’s substantial portfolio of assets but due diligence, legal processes and administrative concerns can be extremely frustrating and time consuming. At Bricksave, our investors get access to our curated, pre-selected properties with yields averaging 9%*. Financial advisers trust us to provide them with monthly updates on their investments while we manage ongoing insurance, upkeep etc. with no additional fees.

Properties Open for Investment

Apt. 306, The Club at Bay Harbor, Miami

Apt. 306, The Club at Bay Harbor, Miami

Miami, United States of America

Estimated Annual Return* 12.36%

Length of Project 4 years

95% Funded US$ 584,424

Target US$ 612,033

The Chatsworth, New York

The Chatsworth, New York

New York, United States of America

Estimated Avg. Annual Return*7.14%

Total InvestedUS$ 0


0% Funded US$ 0

Target US$ 692,521

Start investing from US$ 2,500
Apt. 6o2A, Corsega 60, Barcelona

Apt. 6o2A, Corsega 60, Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

Estimated Avg. Annual Return*8.15%

Total InvestedUS$ 0


0% Funded US$ 0

Target US$ 599,000

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*This amount is an estimate and should not be considered a guaranteed figure. The value of your investment can go up as well as down. In most circumstances the maximum duration of an investment will be 4 years.

How it Works

  • Discover international real estate investment opportunities

    Browse current properties available through Bricksave and as a member get early-bird access to properties before they’re released to the public.

  • Invest in properties

    In just a few clicks you’ll be able to setup your account and securely invest with us from US$2,500 using either a debit/credit card or a bank transfer.

  • Track investments and earnings

    Our state-of-the-art investment portal allows you to monitor all your Bricksave investments giving you full transparency on how your investments are progressing over time.

  • Earn rental income every month

    You’ll get rental income every month which you can put towards your next investment or transfer back to your bank account on an annual basis.

  • Sell the property and reinvest

    At the end of the 4 years, we will sell the property and distribute your final returns.

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Common Questions

  • How are the investments structured?

    Your investment in a property on the platform is made via the purchase of shares in a registered Company that is created for the sole purpose of purchasing the designated property.

    There is a different Project LLC. for each and every property; therefore you will always know that you are investing in the exact property as chosen by you.


    Nominee arrangement

    Your shares are held under a nominee arrangement, with the nominee being the legal shareholder of the relevant project LLC (The nominee is a Company owned solely by Bricksave). The nominee holds those shares on your behalf and you will be entitled to all the economic benefits as the ultimate beneficial owner. The purpose of this arrangement is to allow the electronic transfer of shares and for ease of administering operations as set out in the management contract.


    Property purchase costs

    As with buying property directly, purchase costs such as stamp duty, solicitor’s fees and survey costs are incurred. We include the unamortised amount within the estimated valuation of investments


    Standard investment documents

    At the point of investment you will be required to enter a set of investment documents. These are standard form for each investment and come as a share certificate showing the percentage of the building you own. Should you wish to not receive hard copies of these documents there is an option to only access these via your dashboard.

  • When will Dividends be paid?

    The assistance of a neutral third party is necessary in order to secure the investments and the management of the properties. The legal necessity of a trustee facilitates the transparency given that it needs authorisation to act in any given way.

    The trustee is the entity in charge of saving the money until the required amount to buy the property is raised. Once the money is gathered, the trustee buys the real estate asset.

  • Who takes care of the letting and management?

    When you buy a share in a property, you never need to worry about letting or management of properties. Bricksave takes care of this on behalf of the investors.

  • Will I need to put in further capital?

    No, investors will not have to contribute further capital. All costs including bills and fees are funded from the Gross Rent. The risks of most large unexpected costs, such as flood or fire, are mitigated through property insurance.

    We also forecast certain costs, such as upcoming roof maintenance, and either (i) raise a works provision during the initial Crowdfunding when the property is a New Listing or (ii) set aside a certain amount of the Gross Rent to deal with these costs as and when they arise. We make all of this information available to investors at the point of investment. If further information relating to costs becomes available later, we will communicate this clearly via our website so that all Investors (current and prospective) are aware.

    It is possible that a cost is incurred that is larger than Gross Rent, and may be unexpected and also uninsured. In such a scenario Bricksave reserves the right to take out a loan which is secured against the property, to fund the expenditure. That loan is repaid from Gross Rent, and this impacts the investors’ returns accordingly. If this situation were to occur, the matter would be communicated clearly to existing and prospective investors alike in a clear, fair and transparent manner.

  • What happens if Bricksave ceases to exist or falls into financial distress?

    Each property investment is separately organized from the assets and liabilities of Bricksave, as well as any other property investments on the platform.

    If Bricksave were to fall into financial distress an alternative manager could be appointed to continue management of the assets in accordance with the terms of investment.

    Any funds that are held in your account, but not yet invested in property, are held in a client monies bank account in accordance with standard banking compliance, regulatory and security rules. This is a separate bank account that is ring-fenced from the monies of Bricksave and will be returned to investors in the event of Bricksave falling into financial distress.

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