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The Top 6 Real Estate Locations To Invest In

Sep 28, 2016

With Colliers Global Investor Outlook showing that over half of professional investors intending to dedicate a significant share of their portfolio to real estate in 2016, the global property market is starting to look like one of the most lucrative investment options available.

Now that new opportunities are opening up in the property market via Real Estate Crowdfunding, it might be time to start thinking about what locations are best in terms of potential profitability. Here is our list of the world’s top 6 real estate investment locations:



London topped the World Economic Forum’s “30 Top Cities For Real Estate Investment” for three years running between 2012 and 2014. The city has one of the strongest housing markets in the world; prices have been rising year-on-year for the last decade, and this year saw a healthy 14% increase. Earlier in the summer, the average property price in London reached £600,076, the highest in the city’s history.


New York

Routinely coming second in the World Economic Forum’s list of cities for real estate investment, New York remains a powerhouse on the property investment scene. Investors that took part in the Colliers Global Investor Outlook study stated that New York will be one of the main targets for global real estate investment in 2016. The end of 2015 saw record property prices for New York, with the median sale price hitting $1.15 million and the price per square foot reaching $1645. A potentially significant change to New York’s housing market is the relaxing of regulations from the US Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act of 1980, which may lead to further investment in the city from abroad.


San Francisco

Despite not quite achieving the global fame enjoyed by New York, San Francisco’s property market is nonetheless very nearly as strong– investors from the Colliers Global Investor Outlook study actually indicated that San Francisco is currently a bigger target than New York, with 27% planning on investing in San Francisco and only 24% saying the same for New York. A report by Knight Frank suggests that San Francisco’s tech sector is fuelling a commercial real estate rise in the city, with rental growth for office tower buildings surpassing 8%.



Paris is another city that frequently appears on the World Economic Forum’s list of global real estate investment cities; the French capital was also named as a key investment target by the participants of the Colliers Global Investor Outlook survey. Property sales volumes in Paris were up 15% in 2015, and the city saw an immediate 0.4% house price increase in the first month of 2016 alone. As one of the world’s most visited cities, Paris’s popularity as a tourist destination continues to have a positive knock-on effect on the housing market, helping to boost the overall real estate economy; France as a whole in fact welcomed record numbers of visitors in 2015 – around 84.5 million.



Tokyo is currently experiencing somewhat of a property boom. Average apartment sales prices rose 9.1% in 2015 to ¥55.2 million, the highest in 24 years. The luxury property market in the city also saw a sharp increase, with sales of real estate worth more than ¥100 million rising by 86%. Overall property prices have been rising in Tokyo since 2012, with new-build condominiums increasing in value by an incredible 21.2% year-on-year. Land prices are also rising (albeit more steadily), owing to the Japanese government’s plan to stimulate Japan’s economy, which has had positive effects on the real estate market.



Miami has one of America’s strongest real estate markets due to desirability of location and interest from abroad. According to Forbes, house prices in South Florida as a whole are on the up, and will continue to rise over the next few years – the last financial year alone saw a 6.44% rise in the value of Miami real estate. The beachside city itself is in the middle of a development boom, with 20,000 new apartments built over the last decade, and a string of new cultural venues being constructed, including a new contemporary art gallery coming in 2017. The Miami-Dade County also receives almost 35,000 new inhabitants per year – more inhabitants results in a larger need for housing, which therefore increases invest.

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