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Why Investment in Real Estate Crowdfunding is a Smart Choice for Latin American Investors

Mar 27, 2020

  The global economic landscape is starting to change: where once only a handful of nations controlled the financial balance of power, now other countries are starting to gain significantly ......

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Bricksave during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Mar 27, 2020

  At Bricksave we are closely following the news relating to Covid-19 and its spread across the planet. The effects being felt by individuals, governments and markets is huge and will impact ......

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The Safe Choice During Times of Economic Turmoil

Mar 15, 2020

  According to a study conducted by the Central Bank of San Francisco, the global residential real estate market has been the best long-term investment in modern history, having better ......

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5 Real Estate Crowdfunding Stats That Will Make You Invest

Mar 7, 2020

  Crowdfunding for real estate is fast becoming one of the most popular applications of the crowdfunding revolution. Unlike other areas of the new sharing economy (e.g. donations-based crowdfunding or ......

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Interview with Bricksave CEO Tom de Lucy

Feb 25, 2020

  Bricksave's mission has been to democratize investment from day one. While Fintech Company has been increasingly expanding in Latin America, we have met with Bricksave CEO Tom de Lucy who ......

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Interview with Hector Haynes, new Investor Relations at Bricksave

Feb 18, 2020

Why did you decide to join Bricksave? I consider myself an innovator and I loved the idea of working for an organization that’s pathing the future of the industry. I ......

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Year End Summary 2019 by Bricksave CEO Tom De Lucy

Feb 12, 2020

  Bricksave is a real estate marketplace that allows investors to take part in a global portfolio of properties offering instant returns. 2019 was another great year for the business ......

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How to Turn Saving Into Earnings

Dec 19, 2019

Most of us want to achieve our financial independence and one condition for that is not to save money but to invest it. Unfortunately, in general at least in the ......

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What you need to know before investing in New York

Dec 13, 2019

While it is not a "bargain" city, low demand in recent years has created opportunities in the Big Apple Read the article...

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4 Key Rules Whenever Bricksave Choose A New Retail Investment Opportunity

Dec 9, 2019

We understand that by disrupting the existing real estate investment market and creating a whole new class of real estate investors, we have a responsibility to those clients. Especially to ......

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