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Global Marketing Executive

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Main purpose and scope of the job

As Global Marketing Executive, you will be assisting the world class head of marketing and working alongside the sales team whilst learning and developing your skills on the job.

The individual will be given as much responsibility as they can handle and should be excited by a wide ranging brief from online advertising, social media, campaign development, digital marketing and strategic planning. They will be responsible for driving and boosting all marketing related activities to expand the Bricksave brand, as well as the acquisition and retention of Bricksave customers worldwide.

This is a role for a flexible and adaptable individual capable of managing a broad range of responsibilities in a fast-pace environment. Increasing travel may  be required as the company expands into new international markets.

We are not looking for someone who knows it all, but we will want someone who tries it all.

Position in organisation

Reports to: CEO and CMO

Duties and responsibilities

• Contribute to the marketing and brand strategies to support the company’s overall objectives

• Design, coordinate, test and learn from digital and offline promotional campaigns, PR and other marketing efforts across channels (digital, press etc.)

• In conjunction with the CMO, develop a feasible marketing plan and oversee its day-to-day implementation and reporting

• Write, edit, commission and coax blog posts from all members of the team and ensure regular high-end content is available

• Develop and maintain CRM based marketing campaigns and customer journeys across all mediums

• Design targeted adverts and marketing materials both online and offline.

• Learn to control a marketing budget, report marketing effectiveness and optimize channels and creative to meet targets

• Make sure all communications through all channels use the right proposition,

messaging and branding


Key Skills and Experience

1. Able to deliver and optimize cost-effective digital campaigns (email, PPC,

Facebook ads, content publishing)

2. Design skills and ability to build online content and imagery

3. Superb writing skills in Spanish and English. Good grammar is a given but we want copy and content that engages and excites

4. Data driven focus and experience in optimizing campaigns based upon data and analytics

5. Spanish and English speaking


Additional skills and experience

  • Work within clearly defined budgetary structures
  • Experience using CRM systems
  • Experience running online research and client profiling
  • Highly organized, hands on and self-motivated
  • Ability to cope with under pressure and work on tight deadlines, in a fast-moving environment
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing or marketing specific training/qualifications
Last modified: 26th Sep, 2019
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